With the objective of simplifying your sales or production procedures and ensuring the easy access to raw materials, merchandise, machinery or spare parts, we have created the International Logistics Service. A highly competitive, efficient and low-cost service, where the customer only deals with our company, thus avoiding any possible trouble or setback, offering the door-to-door service.

Total handling of the service, using the multi-modal transportation system:

  • Sea: in 20, 40, 48 and 53 foot containers.
  • Land: in 53 foot trailers, or your merchandise will be consolidated.
  • Air: When the service is urgent or fragile

We handle your imports from any port in China, releasing and shipping the merchandise through the ports of Long Beach, CA., USA and Ensenada B.C., MEX, which we recommend due to their agility to release containers as well as for their low costs and fares.
Likewise, we offer storage services located both in San Diego, CA and Tijuana B.C.


Through our companies, we classify your merchandise in the right tariff and complete all the customs procedures. We work with highly qualified brokers, who know how important your merchandise is to you. We will attend to the transition measures and legal regulations imposed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and as a result, you will receive an agile and fast service, while avoiding storage expenses.


Given our vast experience, we can advise you on how to reduce costs of operation, and increase the effectiveness of your trade procedure. Our experience will always give you the best advice in foreign trade matters.

Our company will advise you with concern to the correct tariff classification and the application of the rules of origin. Furthermore, we will keep you informed of the tariff reductions made under Mexican Law in regard to merchandise made in China.


Trough our advocates specializing in Tax and International Trade Law, we can solve any doubt you have.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Filing of writs against resolutions issued by Customs Authorities that impose illegal tax payments.
  • Suits before the Tax Authorities, asking for the nullity of official writs issued by any Administrative Authority.
  • Investigations and seizures carried out by the Customs Authorities.
  • General procedures in foreign matters.

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